Eyelash Extension Blink Professional Mink Lash C Curl 0.15X7~14mm 8 sizes in 1 Mixed Tray

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About the Product


  • Brand: Blink Lash
  • Product Type: Mixed Mink Lash
  • Curl Shape: C
  • Thickness: 0.15 (mm)
  • Length : 7mm(1 row),8mm(1 row),9mm(1 row),10mm(2 rows), 11mm(2 rows), 12mm(2 rows), 13mm(2 rows), 14mm(1 row)
  • Total 12 rows and each row is 40mm long
  • Made in Vietnam

Product Details

  • The C-Curl eyelash extension shape is the most popular among eyelash our eyelash technicians - as they create a glamorous look that is popular among clients.
  • C-Curl eyelashes are designed to simulate the shape of eyelashes after they have been premed.


  • Professional Only Except real mink lashes Blink extension lashes are made of premium PBT fiber which has very flexible form, ultra light weight and shiny surface. Also with our exclusive study, we created the best eyelashes with very even curl, thickness and length. This various dimension allows you to create unique attractive eyelashes. Blink tray lash is suitable for the quick and accurate eyelash extension as it is well organised onto a tray. You can see the even curl and thickness and length at once as they are in a row. Mink lashes are lighter and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes. These individual synthetic mink lashes are high gloss curled and tapered to perfection and will give your clients and soft, natural look. They are easier to apply than regular eyelash extension. (Row1/7mm Row2/8mm Row3/9mm Row4&5/10mm Row6&7/11mm Row8&9/12mm Row10&11/13mm Row12/14mm)